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It is a truly extraordinary thing to trace the complete origins of a textile. Born from the idyllic sunny hillsides of our Marlborough station, our merinos yield wool that embarks on a remarkable journey across the globe, all the way to Biella, Italy, and eventually returns to us. This unique voyage encapsulates the story of our wool, weaving a tale of provenance and quality that resonates with every thread.

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Born and raised in the New Zealand High Country, Susan Macdonald is passionate about the land and her Merinos. With her husband Willie, they are caretakers and custodians of Middlehurst Station, in Marlborough, New Zealand.

The Macdonald’s have made their stamp on Middlehurst, affecting positive changes while remaining focused on animal well-being and environmental stewardship over the land they roam. Susan and Willie have raised their four incredible children Sophie, Henry, Lucy and Skye at Middlehurst.

Susan is involved in all aspects of farming. From mustering, shepherding and classing her Merinos for breeding. To accounting, planning and implementing new technology.

Susan studied wool classification at Lincoln University and adores the shearing and wool classing process. Susan frequently marvels at the endless possibilities that this raw material has to offer.

After a chance meeting with an Italian business who facilitate farmers in turning their wool into textiles, the wheels began to turn... Susan arranged for 700kg of her best Merino wool to be sent over to Biella, the wool capital of Italy. Initially scarves were produced, then, following conversations with two friends who were soon-to-be-brides, the idea to turn her raw Merino wool into a textile designed specifically for the bridal industry was born.

Susan’s raw Merino wool then made it’s way to the Fratelli Piacenza Wool Mills (also in Biella, Italy). This historic wool mill strikes the perfect balance between innovation and tradition and carries out all of their production with sensitivity and the utmost respect for the environment. Here the raw materials were carefully processed and blended with silk to transform into the incredibly fine-spun 50/50 Merino/Silk textile.

The finished product is a lightweight textile with a stunning natural lustre. It is incredibly soft next to the skin and being a natural fibre it allows the skin to breathe when hot and provides warmth when it’s cold. Wool is renowned for its excellent drapability and this is one of the competitive features it holds over many man-made fibres. Wool as a fibre is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable and it certainly does not contain any nasty petrochemicals as so many synthetics do.

This fabric is now available for designers to offer to brides or grooms who are looking for something unique for their special day.

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