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Lamb Ribeye


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Discover the exceptional taste and quality of our Merino Lamb. Grass-fed and free-roaming, our Merino Lamb is sustainably farmed, ensuring that our animals lead happy and healthy lives, grazing freely as nature intended. This commitment to animal welfare and natural farming practices is reflected in the superior flavor and tenderness of our product.

Merino Lamb is not only delicious but also a rich source of essential nutrients. Packed with high-quality protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, it offers a nutritious and satisfying addition to your meals. 

Lamb Ribeye is well-marbled bringing in extra flavour. Fine-textured and tender.

Each packet contains: 2 X Ribeye Approx weight 350 grams

Cooking Suggestions

We have plenty of cooking tips for you on our blog, click here to find out more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Doug G.
Merino Lamb superb

Quite possibly the best tasting lamb I have ever eaten, and having the lamb ribeye, what better way to experince this.

Ian S.
A treat for all ocacsions

As always you have supplied us with several treats for my wife and I to savour - delicious

Catherine M.
merino ribeye

Thank you for the beautiful meat
Such a treat for us
Catherine Mann

Mary A.
1 x Merino Ribeye

Too much gristle and nearly threw it out. Only got a few handfuls of chopped up meat off it.
Really enjoyed the other product that I purchased.

Consistently Good

Ribs are lusciously tender whether cooked in asian or med styles. Middlehurst always the best source of superlative lamb. Just made a fantastic mousaka using rick stien's patrick lee fermor recipe from his venice to istanbul adventure and middlehurst lamb mince. Fantastic.